Christmas Decoration Component 🎄

Adding a bit of festive flair to your forum – I present a Christmas decoration component! :christmas_tree:

This component includes three flairs:

  1. Christmas Lights
  2. Christmas Hats
  3. Christmas Decoration Image

Each flair can be individually enabled/disabled via theme settings. For Christmas Decoration Image there is also a setting to invert color for forum with Dark theme.

The Christmas lights were inspired from @Canapin’s ideas here.

Merry Christmas! :santa:


Very nice! One small thing - it doesn’t seem like the ‘enable decoration image’ is making any difference. I think it might need an if statement in the SCSS?


Thanks for bringing this in my notice! I’ve pushed a fix now. :slight_smile:


This is great, thanks. Much easier as a theme component than a theme.

The hats worked immediately but I had to fiddle around to get the lights to work - e.g. ticked the enable/disable boxes (though not sure that is what made it work) and restarted the iOS Hub app - but I guess that’s realistic for lights :slight_smile:


Glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

That is weird. I just checked installing the component (again) on theme-creator and it worked on first try. Let me know if the issue persists.


It’s all working now. Maybe it was something to do with caching - the avatars being updated sooner than the menu bar. “Caching” is a good catch-all excuse as I don’t understand it.


Hmm, perhaps mods could enable this component here on meta to make sure it is working…

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