Chrome and firefox not responding when delete a post forever

There is a new feature in 2.8.0.beta7 which is Permanent deletion of posts and topics.

However when I enable it and try to use this feature, it will cause chrome and firefox not responding. I don’t know why it will happen.

Maybe there are some bugs in deleting a post permanently.

I enable the CDN.

The post can be deleted permanently via this feature, when I refresh it, it says can not be found. However I just don’t know why it will stuck the browser and no respond.

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Hello! I tried to reproduce the bug but it works for me. Does this problem appear only when you try to delete the first post or any post?

I think the unresponding browser is caused by some sort of infinite loop.

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I reproduced the bug in Firefox and then fixed it in this PR:

Thank you for the bug report!