Chrome autofill dropdown triggered by title field in profile

After I upgraded this weekend, now the Title in a user profile triggers the Credit Card auto fill

Not sure it matters , its just weird.

I can’t reproduce this on Safari or Chrome in a Mac. Can you share your browser/OS where this is happening?

Windows 10 64 1903

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There’s definitely nothing here indicating that it’s a credit card input…

…possibly another issue with whatever weird stuff Chrome started doing with guessing which inputs need auto-completing (related: New post/reply sometimes tries to autocomplete my address on Chrome).

I wonder if you’ve used a site that happens to structure their credit card input similar to our title input and Chrome is trying to be too smart about it?


May very well be that, I just wanted to throw it out there just in case. No big
Thanks for looking into it!

Should be fixed per:

Chrome refuse to give us autocomplete off.


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