Chrome window crashing on upload

Could the reason [for the bug this report originally was posted in] cause crashing because I’m seeing crashing and if it’s a duplicate I’d rather not waste time typing it up.

But I’m not happy about the crashing.

ETA: I’m less happy about the flagging and moderation comment caused by this post, but since I’ve had some time to calm down, I’ll play the game a wee bit longer.

Steps to repeat

  1. Open a Chrome window with multiple tabs
  2. (Unsure if relevant) Open a second Chrome window with multiple tabs
  3. Open a single Discourse tab in one of the windows
  4. Take a screenshot
  5. Begin composing a reply
  6. In Paint, copy a subset of the image
  7. Paste into the reply window

Expected: Image appears in the reply window
Actual: The entire window vanishes just as it reaches 100% uploaded. The second Chrome window remains open.

Environment: Chrome for Windows 7
Reproducibility: I’m batting 50% right now: two crashes in four pasted images.


What are the repro steps exactly? Just to upload an image in Chrome?

No crashes here after uploading that in Chrome.

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I have edited the opening post of this thread, which I didn’t need twenty characters to say, so I’m expanding upon that point slightly.

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Isn’t this fixed by @sam’s fix to not broadcast image uploads to all message bus browser clients?

I am pretty certain this is fixed, we were routing “stuff just got uploaded” to all windows and it could cause issues. Additionally we were not tearing down events right. Combined this causes pain.

@yamikuronue closing, flag to reopen if still an issue.

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