Image upload issues with certain devices / browsers

My users report problems with image uploads. I can’t duplicate the problem with Firefox on Windows or Android so it seems like it’s specific to certain devices / operating systems / browsers.

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Can you ask people on FTC if they can reproduce the issue on this bug topic? (if so what is the exact browser model they are using)

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Anyway you guys can change the topic upload to the one that’s used in chat? I tested it and it uploads way faster in chat (live chat) than to the topic thing (idk what it’s called sorry lol)

Seems to be specific to more recent versions of iOS (and maybe macOS?). My iPad was working fine with 15.4 but after I updated to 17.5.1 a three-file upload failed after the second with the following error:

/var/www/discourse/lib/discourse.rb:138:in `exec':

Doesn’t seem to be browser-specific.

Other users are reporting timeouts, none mentioned error messages so far.

Does this happen here as well?

I can’t reproduce it here on an iPad 17.5.1 and Safari/Chrome, no matter how many times I try. However, I do have trouble uploading images on Robert’s forum and two other production instances I own (latest version, safe-mode enabled).

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Mac to see the browser console on iPad.
It’s unclear where the issue is.

  • It fails always with this message:
    Sorry, there was an error uploading [file name here]. Please try again
  • It can fail with a single image upload (not specific to bulk upload)
  • The same image upload can work sometimes, but it fails most of the time.
  • Same issue with Chrome (it doesn’t seem specific to the browser)
  • I can’t reproduce it on a local dev instance
  • Enabling composer_ios_media_optimisation_image_enabled makes the issue less frequent, but it still happens in bulk.


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I noticed uploading via chat function works much better.