Clearer display of "forever" suspensions/silencing

I’ve had a few confused/snide comments about “1000 year” suspensions after people see :

3020 is the year used internally when Discourse records a “forever” suspension (now + 1000 years)

Could the UI be altered so when a suspension period is “forever” (i.e. > 100 years from now) it looks like this?

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Perhaps you can change


In: admin -> customise -> text

To: This user is suspended until further notice

This will only apply to permanent suspensions but not sure how well it will help.

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Thanks but this doesn’t allow me to remove the date, which is the issue here. On my instance the text is set as follows:

I removed the date:

Screenshot_2020-05-18 talkgroup

Are you receiving an error message?

That would remove the date for all suspensions, not just forever suspensions, wouldn’t it?

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Oh , sorry, I misread the screenshot, thought you were trying to change js.user.suspended_permanently and were unable.

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Not a bad idea, how much work would this be @eviltrout? Any sufficiently far-future date could be summarized with different text.


Could definitely consider. I think @ChrisBeach has a point. When people see 3020 it looks bad on the user and as Chris said:

So I would welcome the changes should they happen.

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I don’t think it would be very hard to add a helper that displays a different message if it’s far in the future. @Roman_Rizzi can you handle it?