Is it possible to permanently ban someone?

Is it possible to permanently ban someone? I see a the option to “suspend” someone for a fixed number of days, but no way to make a ban permanent.

I think the answer is “no, but you can just suspend them for 99999 days or whatever,” but I bring it up because we’ve seen cases where folks are coming to our forum to troll for lulz; when they get suspended until the year 2290 they screenshot it to their origin forum to laugh about it. (Look how ridiculous they are! They banned me for 200 years!)

And while I can certainly endure being laughed at on another forum, I feel that banning someone in a silly/humorous way encourages more attempts.

(Maybe just change the message when the ban is > 100 years to say “lifetime ban”?)


I think if you put 0 into the suspend, it’s permanent…

When I type “0” or “-1” I find that I can’t submit the form to suspend the user.

You’re right. The button for suspend is possible when a reason is given, but clicking it is impossible except for a certain number of days (1-99999). 99999 works for a permanent ban, but looks bad, because in public profile it says that ban is until 2290 or so…


Where I am from they just suspend until 2090

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Banning for a high amount of time happens in a lot of products:

I guess an argument to hide the time period when > 50 years can be made, but I’m not sure it’s a high priority thing.