Click counter missing for some internal links


Thanks for responding on the weekend!

When you get chance can you comment on the following:

  • Does including a username in the link matter
  • Does including a heading (mid-post # link) matter?
  • Is a global rebake recommended?

wrt to counters

  • is ‘rebuild HTML’ wrench option a rebake of the current post?

(Régis Hanol) #22

They shouldn’t.

If you want your click counters to go back to 0 and work properly sure. It won’t hurt.

Yup, “rebuild HTML” is the user-friendly term for a rebake.



I’ve tried to Rebuild two different posts’ HTML using the admin action on the Wrench but the slugs remained the same, old, incorrect ones:

  • No errors in logs.

from Data Explorer:

  • baked_at suggested the post was updated more or less immediately reflecting the time I requested the Rebuild action.
  • slugs not updated in either raw or cooked columns

(Christoph) #24

Okay, I’ll just start collecting some examples (of internal links without a click counter) as I see them (and, of course, I don’t mean the link reproduced here in the quote but the link in its original location):

Actually, there are even some external links without click counters (although I’m not sure about those since they are my own so I can’t test them):


(Jeff Atwood) #26

I am not sure this is strictly related @david

(David Taylor) #27

They were being counted on the server, but not displayed in the client. Should be fixed by

I am sorry to say that those examples are just because nobody clicked on them :wink: I clicked them and they now have counters.

There are some other issues mentioned in this topic which were resolved in the other topic, or by @zogstrip. If there are any outstanding, let’s open new topics for them.


Thanks a lot guys, appreciate the attention to this functionality!

(Christoph) #29

I think you misunderstood. It wasn’t about the link here on meta but about the links in the post that I linked to. When I referred to that post, none of the internal links had any click counter and even some of the external links didn’t have one (and neither was I able to produce one by clicking either). Today, for whatever reason, all links in that post have a links.

Not sure what this means but I thought I’d mention it.

BTW, here is another little bug: even though ypu are quoting my post and I did get a notification, it is now gone: [unfortunately, uploading my screenshot doesn’t seem to work at the moment, but believe me: it was there and now it’s gone]. Could it bd related to the new mobile menues?

(David Taylor) #30

:ok_hand: - hopefully we’re all good now, but if any issues persist please do start a new topic.

:thinking: unlikely related to the menus, but we did just have a small outage on Meta - it could be that the server went down halfway through publishing your notification.

Only showing most recent notification from a watched topic?
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