How to not show click counter on internal links

There are times when you don’t want to see the click counts on internal links in topics. One example that came up for me recently is links to intersection of tags, which otherwise is still a bit hard to get to in discourse. e.g.

A link like looks like this: Topics tagged official & pr-welcome.

Once a few people start clicking on that link, a click counter will start displaying next to it. It’s a bit confusing because in this case cognitively you’d think the counter would represent the number of topics, not the number of clicks.

I saw I asked a similar question back in 2015 (!!) and the solution offered was some custom css. This probably would still work - maybe we could find a way to handle this in a theme component? Or we do not show the counter on internal links that are not to topics? :thinking:


I personally would be delighted if there were options to: i) Create an individual link in a way that the click counter would be suppressed; ii) Turn off the link click counters globally for all links in a Discourse instance. :blush:

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A trivial theme component can achieve this…

Once you wrap markdown with:



It is surrounded by:

<div class="d-wrap" data-wrap="no-counts"></div>

So then you would use a single CSS rule in the theme components to hide the count element.

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Thanks, Sam. I will give this a try :+1:t2: