Clickable telephone numbers in replies?

I would like the phone numbers added to the topic to be clickable and triggers the phone to call.

I inserted an HTML simple code however, on iphone broswer it does not work.

Appreciate your help

If a call to action button is a solution, that would be great.


it should work by adding a bit of CSS

Do tel URIs not work? callme

Hm I wouldn’t expect SIP URIs to work, but I’m surprised a basic tel URI with a valid e.164 number is ignored.

I did the same thing by adding the call <a href="tel:+1-555-438-3732">1-555-IETF-RFC</a> and didn’t work.

The thing is when you try to click on the number the topic itself turns into light gray background if you know what i mean. Something like iframe effect or so

But did you also add “tel” in the site setting allowed href schemes?


No effect :frowning:



You’re awesome :wink: