How to highlight number phone in topic

Hello, I wanna highlight number phone in topic

Now, what i add to here? in library highlight.js demo i dont see numberphone number

i wanna Result

The second question, i wanna when user touch in it (call number) will auto open phone call in android or ios, how can do?

I think you have to whitelist the tel: URI in the site settings

For having RFCs read aloud, call <a href="tel:+1-555-438-3732">1-555-IETF-RFC</a>

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Don’t have tel @codinghorror on select

I think the site setting you are searching for is allowed href schemes


You are looking in the wrong place, at the wrong setting. Those are programming languages. A telephone number is not a programming language.


Other way? Who can help me? Or can build a plugin for me?

Search in the settings for allowed href schemes and add tel to the list.

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Only Highlight not effect when i insert code:

<a href="tel:0938620880">0938620880</a>

What is the CSS are you using that targets links having href attribute values that begin with “tel”?

I don’t know, How do i know that? Thank!

Sorry for the delay. Did you make any progress on this?

For example, if you wanted all “tel” links to be styled, the selector could be like

a[href^="tel"] { 
/* styles go here */ 

* read the documentation to understand the what does what.


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