Clicking Activity button while creating a topic: you'll think it was broken

Today on Desktop,
user has started Creating a new Topic.
But then he wants to check that thing he did just the other day.
He clicks Activity.
Nothing happens.
Actually he has to keep his eyes on the thin white area above the blue line,
and notice that maybe some cut off words in it have changed.
And then he needs to pull down the blue bar using the white handle in the middle.
But usually he doesn’t notice anything has happened, no matter how many times he click the Activity button.
And in fact same problem with Summary, etc.
Even worse, after you click them the menu vanishes, so to try again you need to open the menu all over again.

And when you pull down the bar it stays pulled down influencing future site behavior until you pull it back up.

But I actually don’t know how to make a better design.

Perhaps have a little genie that pops up and says “Hey grandpa, look under here!”

I’m not sure about this one. :thinking: If someone has manually resized their composer to fill the screen it seems logical that it would then obscure the screen, and need reducing or collapsing to see the content underneath.

What would the alternatives be? Perhaps a limit on how tall you can resize (though that seems like it will limit more people than it will help). I’m not sure what else.


Maybe something like mobile view? There’s a full screen button, when you click the button it’ll hide the topbar and everything, posting, clicking off, or disabling it will shrink it to normal size.

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