"Your topic is similar to" click not working

On the right side of my screen appeared “Your topic is similar to…”
Screenshot 2024-03-20 22.42.35
But although I saw a link preview in the lower left corner of my screen, no amount of clicking would open the “Three dots become a garbage can” link. I had to use middle click to open it in a different tab.

Yes there are many threads about this, but this current behavior is new.

I’ve just checked and it worked for me. Was it hidden behind your composer?

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That must be the problem, as my composer is rather large.

So, tests need to be done. If the user’s composer is rather large, then he will end up clicking and clicking with no visible response. And that is Bad UX.

What zoom level are you using? I can take a look and see what I find.

Zoom level: CTRL+0.

What’s your screen size then? Or, I think you mentioned a chromebook before, what’s the system zoom/resolution?

Hmm, 120%!