Clicking "Keep Editing" button doesn't do anything

The user has encountered this dialogue:

The user chooses to continue editing. But all that happens is the Keep Editing button changes color.

The user expects the dialogue to go away and he can resume editing. But that’s not what happens; the dialogue just stays there. Apparently the logic is he is supposed to make some different choice at this point. Naturally the user is totally confused.

Now let’s discuss how we got into this awful mess. It is simply because the Save Edit button looks just the same as the Reply button. So when the user wants to save an edit he might actually hit the Reply button above it.

Yes, they might not look exactly the same. However because often the user only sees an edge of them on a tiny screen, he mistakes the two blue squares to be the same.

In fact it would be a good idea to disable all the reply buttons until he’s finished with his edit.


I’m not 100% sure I can replicate this? Whenever I have the ‘Discard|Save for Later|Keep editing’ modal open I can’t use the reply buttons underneath. What am I missing? (even better if you can give me a step-by-step so I can walkthrough it)


You are right. The buttons look the same but they are disabled. Nothing happens when you touch them.

Anyways I found something you could reproduce right here on this site instead of the openstreetmap site (which is where I made the above screenshots.)

There should be a fourth button that resumes editing immediately. If we push the keep editing button this little box still is there at the bottom of the screen we have to touch it one more time to make it pop up.

Yes it’s not that difficult but still…
Screenshot_20230404_182752_Chrome Dev

I can replicate this.

Choose a topic at will. Click reply to someone and enter some text in composer. Then switch to another topic and click reply.


I can replicate it as well, thanks for the info! Moving to bug :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reports, everybody, this should fix the issue: FIX: Dismiss modal when "Keep Editing" is used (#21117) · discourse/discourse@b869d35 · GitHub


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