Save Edit not complete, continual "You have draft..." loop prevents replying

I created a reply which had some language that jammie-dodger flagged for me by reopening my edit window (I agree, I expressed annoyance too strongly) and showing me in yellow what was not good.

I immediately accepted the edit by clicking the Save Edit button, and the edit post appeared to post fine.

However, now when I try to reply to anything, I get a “You have an unfinished draft” with the edited version. When I click either “Save Edit” or “Close”, it appears that it has closed fine, but

Well! this is interesting!!!

I went to create a topic on the praise category, but the only button to create something said “Open Draft” so I clicked it, half expecting what in fact I got:

a post that I’d finished and clicked the “Reply” button for.

I have no idea how to reproduce this, but I’m honored to have this most interesting bug following me around! A bit like a stray cat showing up and disappearing, but coming back for a bit of mackerel now and then.

Ok, so I think I’ve put that draft to rest, but I’m going to go try to post on the praise category because I have some praise to jump up and down about.

Editing to see if anything interesting happens… nope, looking all normal at the moment.