Make sure only correct button is illuminated

Here the user sees two blue buttons.

His eyes focus on the larger blue button.
But the only correct button for him to click in this situation is the smaller blue button.
He looks at the screen for a long time… he thinks: wasn’t I just trying the title to my current post?
If I click the (big) blue button I will create a reply. That is not what I want to do!

Yes, this example should be appended to the other blue button discussions, but that one is locked.

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The smaller blue button appears only after clicking the topic edit icon. If you click this icon, your intent is to edit the topic, and thus you should be focused on the edit area, not the far away content like the reply button.

I see no issue here.

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In that scenario if you click the Reply button it will work (and abandon the topic title editing), so I think both should be blue.

Just like ATM machines make the user take his/her card back before
dispensing the cash, (guess why),
the blue reply button should not become blue, before the user has
finished his edit (or explicitly clicked the “x”).

Also, the user is busy flipping back and forth windows and answering
phone calls. When he flips back here he tries to recall what he was
doing. At first glance it looks like he is in the middle of posting a

"But then he thinks “didn’t I already post this?”

“Oh, I see, I was editing the title.”

The UX should do it’s best to get him back on track, and not assume
users stay fixed on the same window until a task is complete.

That’s a bit of a reach isn’t it? Banks want consumers to take their cards back because it means less burden on both sides.

If I’m editing this topic and hit reply the edit isn’t lost (I wrote this while the topic edit was open).

This request would only make sense to me if one action eradicated the other. As Discourse doesn’t trigger a reload when editing a topic there’s really no risk to the user here.

Locking buttons will create more confusion if anything. What if I’m currently drafting a response and notice something in the topic needs correcting. Should those controls be locked out without explanation too? That’s far from user friendly and a pattern which was only necessary on much older discussion platforms due to limitations created by the software they were created with.

I see. Every week. When an user gives a tag for example, it hides accept button on mobiles. And then that user will scroll down a bit and hits the very first blue button in visible.

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That’s a problem caused by the awful drop-down selection thing that Discourse uses everywhere. Changing that (instead of a different button entirely) would be a better solution to that problem.

Well I’m happy the little boy didn’t lose all the coins he put in the
Coke machine because he pushed the wrong button. But he still feels bad
that it happened.

That’s because two buttons were lit up…

Yes, don’t lock the other button, but also don’t light it up, after he puts his coins in.