Clicking link share icon opens sharing extensions on Mac OS 10.14.4

I’ve just updated my Mac & clicking the :link: sharing icon at the bottom of a post now opens the sharing extension options, which don’t include a ‘copy’ option. I have Safari 12.1.

Me, too. It’s only on the post link button and not on the topic link button.

(Safari 12.1)


We use the native share dialog from the OS when available. You can click on the post timing to see the old modal, or grab the URL from the location bar.


Thanks, that works. But it’s not very discoverable.

I could be wrong but I feel like copying the link would be the most common behaviour so it’s unfortunate that, that’s not one of the options in the sharing extension.

And it’s easy to grab the wrong URL (if the page isn’t scrolled to exactly where it should be) with this.

So I expect this’ll cause some friction for users.

There is no extension, this is a browser/Operating system UI. On Android they added a “Copy Option” on that dialog. Apple should follow soon.


Is there any way to disable this feature by default?

To be honest: I don’t like it. I‘m working with Firefox and Safari and prefer the same behavior inside both browsers. It might be useful on mobile Safari at iOS but definitely not on grown up desktop browsers.


Hmm is there a theme component that could skip the OS native share dialog, and force the Discourse share dialog all the time @falco? That might be worth doing if it is not hard.


I am not sure if this makes sense on desktop at all, I hit this when I use Safari on my Mac Book and it annoys me every time.

I think a safe default is simply to use Discourse share if we are not on mobile/tablet.

EDIT done per: