Firefox Android new v80+ release makes Share button unusable

In all the Discourse forums I use I very frequently click the Share button to copy/paste post links in other posts I edit. As forum admin I do a lot of this from mobile using Firefox for Android.

Now it happens that Mozilla decided to completely revamp the UI starting from release v80. Besides that after weeks I still utterly long for the old FF user experience, I just found that the UI affects how the Discourse Share button operates.

It pops up an Actions window that is part of Android UI and contains AFAICS no copy/paste action:

Maybe there’s a workaround, or feature I overlooked, but otherwise maybe a change in Discourse could mitigate this FF ‘feature’.


You can add your voice to this bug

In the meanwhile, you can click on the post timestamp to get a small popup with the share URL or use the browser UI share button.


Thanks. I added a reference to this thread on the Github issue.

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