Clicking on a post in nice reply badges opens user card, not post

Repro: visit Nice Reply badge on Discourse Meta click on a post. See my usercard, even though mouseover shows the correct post URL.

I think this might be a meta-only issue.


I can repro it on my test site too, so not just here unfortunately.


The same applies to the bug reporter badge here.

I think it may be all of the ones with a post linked in them.


the link in the code even works as expected. :thinking:

I can also reproduce this on my dev instance. Any badge with a link.

It appears to be because the whole badge card is a link to the user card and it’s overriding the inner links (instead of just the user avatar being a card link).

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Because the initial <a> includes the whole badge info:


Well, you can fix it by closing this <a> at line 17

But that’s no good if there is no avatar for some reason. I think the “right” place to put it is before the first set of plugin outlets, but those are inside of a <div>, so it’s not trivial enough for me to fix, which I was hoping to do for Hacktoberfest. :crying_cat_face:


Thanks for reporting it! I was trying to reduce link repetition for screen readers but needed to take a different approach because I overlooked these badge links. Will be fixed by


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