Clicking outside of the bookmark modal will create the bookmark anyway

This might be me but I am used to closing a modal I want to cancel by clicking outside of the modal.

When creating a bookmark, the modal does disappear when you click outside of it, however the bookmark is still being created or changed. This is not what I expected to happen.

Clicking the X or pressing ESC to close the modal does actually cancel the action.



I have just repro’d this on your post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Clicking ‘off-screen’ does indeed create the bookmark rather than exiting without saving.


I’m not sure, this could be the intended behaviour in line with how browsers (at least firefox iirc) treats bookmarks.

You click the bookmark button and it creates the bookmark unless you specifically ask not to.


But since the dawn of time closing a modal performs no action.


I agree this seems like a bug. I am able to repro here as well. Clicking outside the modal creates a bookmark with no reminder set.


This was intentionally done when the feature was developed, the idea was following Firefox’s bookmark modal as an example… logic is:

  • Click on new bookmark, click outside the modal, modal is closed and bookmark is created
  • Click on new bookmark, click cancel, no bookmark is made
  • Click on existing bookmark, a new “Remove bookmark” button shows up, you can use that to remove it.

This isn’t to say we shouldn’t change it if it’s confusing, but it’s technically not a bug. I’m going to move this to #ux. The difference between full-page modal (Discourse) and fly-out menu (Firefox) might be significant to warrant changing the behavior?


I guess my main problem is that it is not consistent with other modals in Discourse. Clicking outside the Flag modal does not create a flag, clicking outside the Share modal does not share the post.


I’m going to guess that there never used to be a popup/modal at all, so it made sense at the time when it was added to keep the old functionality (ie you’ve clicked the bookmark button so you get a bookmark). But overall it does seem odd. Having said that, I bookmark things all the time and had never noticed this quirk!

(The way browsers automatically add bookmarks when I accidentally hit control-D has annoyed me for years…)

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Yeah, to split hairs we can say that the bookmark button click is the action, because everything in the modal following is optional. Sharing and Flagging require an additional action or more information and there’s nothing for us to do with a single click. In hindsight that’s probably a lot harder to figure out than consistent modal behavior.

One thing that could maybe clear it up is a different form of menu… this doesn’t work perfectly as shown in this quick mock-up, but if we want to keep the single-click bookmarks it could be worth exploring. This way you could more clearly see the button change state when clicked, and it’s not a full modal, so maybe that makes the click-away behavior less confusing.


Not a bad idea,

Please note that right now the bookmark is actually added at the moment the modal is dismissed, not at the moment it is opened. So that would require either a heavy refactoring or faking the button state.


Going to mention @martin here, I do think this is intentional, but I also understand the confusion.

In real world usage this “over bookmarking” almost never bites me, but I can get the suprise here.


Not a bug, this is intentional, and it has been from the very beginning of bookmarks. This is to remove friction from creating bookmarks and as Kris said:

Maybe I could see this as a user preference or something, but it has been this way for at least 2 years now without issue so I’d like to have more reports of it being a problem before we act on it.


once agai, this is another issue I was told to come here about. it’s copied from that forum, you can get the get the link here

When pressing F on a topic, the Bookmark modal appears. My first reaction is to click off because I probably didn’t mean to open it, because a normal F is probably too easy to open it in the first place.

But, that saves it as a bookmark.

This isn’t a bug because the same thing happens most forums, it’s just an annoyance.

What I think should happen is when I click off, it does nothing and ignores the bookmark. But, if I click the “Save” button, THEN it can make the bookmark.

In summary, just make it so clicking off does nothing, and you have to click Save before a bookmark is saved.


That’s different, you’re clicking a button that’s “Yeah, I wanna bookmark this.”
On Discourse, you probably pressed F on accident and dont want to bookmark it.

As OP says it’s not consistent with all of the other modals in discourse, I think it should be changed.

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