Cannot remove bookmark from post icon after ESC

When a bookmark is created but the dialog is dismissed with the keyboard, you cannot delete the bookmark by re-visiting the dialog again. The icon is simply not present.

What I did:

  1. open a topic
  2. hit f to open the bookmark dialog
  3. hit esc to dismiss
  4. hit f again

What I expected:

  • the topic to be bookmarked
  • the red trashcan icon to be present

What actually happened:

  • the topic was bookmarked
  • the red trashcan icon was not present

If you click any of the options on the dialog – reminder or no reminder – the delete icon will be present on a subsequent invocation.


One for @martin I presume?

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Thanks for the report, I’ll fix today!


Well I lied again and didn’t fix yesterday, but I did fix it today (live on Meta soon)!

Pressing Escape will not save the bookmark @schleifer but I added back in the functionality to save when you press enter inside the focused text box, so if you press f enter it will save a topic bookmark.


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