Clicks don't work after rebake amazon onebox topic

  1. Please “rebuild html” (rebake) the topic/first post with the onebox
  2. Click on the link
  3. In my installation you will stop at clicks/track?url= page and not redirect to amazon


Reload the page in your web browser. This is likely an issue local to your browser after issuing rebuild HTML.

Thanks, But it didn’t work on my server
Did you rebuild html here the first post on this topic?
Is it working here?

Do you mean the Robot Check issue? We are getting this more and more @tgxworld we may need to vary our referrer and other request params here.

Ok I rebaked the first post without getting a robot check after multiple attempts. Do clicks on it work for you?

No, it is not working, I’m stuck at…”
Is it working for you?

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May be a valid bug then. @techAPJ can you check into this?


I can confirm it’s not working for me.


Yes, it’s a valid bug and a very confusing one to debug… I have a PR ready, running specs locally.


I will be very happy if you will fix the “Robot Check” issue too :grinning:

I can not repro “Robot Check” issue when rebaking posts with Amazon onebox locally. In my experience it happens when posts with Amazon link in it are batch rebaked without any delay.

Closing this topic for now as the original issue is fixed. Feel free to flag this topic if you are still facing this issue.