Client group read only, experts group read/write

Hello everybody. I have a situation I would like to share with you and see if you can help me to configure discourse.

I have a group of interest. This is a private group.
In this group there are TWO type of USERs
1- Clients
2- Experts
All the clients should be able to access all the topics on this group in READ ONLY mode
All the Experts should be able to access all the topics in READ/WRITE mode
This is the easy part.
Now come the hick.
I need that my clients to be able to OPEN a topic for making a question.
and the opening client be able to discuss with the experts without any possibility of othe client participation. This is HIS TOPIC.
All the others can only read.

That means all the users can ONLY OPEN NEW TOPICs and only MODIFY the one they create.
¿Is this possible? ¿What do I have to do?

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You might be interested in this plugin:


UOAU!!! I wasn’t expecting so fast answer :wink:
I am going to give a try and give you feedback on it. It seams to be exactly my needs.
I agree with you it would be better to leave everything open so everybody could bring value… but the feeling is only “experts” can bring value.

It works as I need. Then it seams it wasn’t so strange behavior :wink:
Thank you @david .for the plugin and for the fast answer :clap::clap:

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