Restricted Replies - only allow certain groups to reply in a category

This plugin adds a per-category setting allowing staff to restrict replies to the OP, and members of specific groups. This is a bolt-on to the core permissions system, and is configured using a separate UI underneath the regular category security settings.

In the regular Discourse permissions system, this might be called

Create / Reply (creator only) / View

You may want to use this to create a support category where all users can ask questions, but only users in the “Employees” group can post replies.

This plugin has a very specific use case. In general, we recommend keeping support categories open, so that the community can help each other answer questions.


On your screenshot it has a misspelling; it says “restict”

Luckily I already updated that in the plugin. I’ll update the screenshot

Edit: done


This is awesome! Just a small comment: when the site setting for this plugin is disabled, it will still show the UI for restricting replies on category settings pages, but you can’t actually save those settings in that state. This confused me for a good 5 minutes because the form would just clear the groups I put into the label after saving category settings. Perhaps it would be better if some sort of error was displayed mentioning that the plugin is turned off and asking you to turn it on.

Thank you for creating this :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the report @Hooksmith. You’re right that the plugin settings shouldn’t appear when the plugin is disabled. In fact, this was caused by a bug in Discourse itself, which should be fixed by