Clone a category

Hello! Is there any possibility of cloning a category only changing its name but keeping all structure? Thanks!

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Do you want the topics or just the category and subcategories with permissions?

You can search for a take task that will backup and restore a category. If you want a category and its topics that should do it. I don’t think it does permissions though.


Its just the structure, I dont mind about permissions cause its for other groups

There’s no stock way (I think that take task does only a single category and its topics, but you should check). You can do it by creating the categories in the rails console, which could also set the permissions. If it’s a bunch of subcategories or you’re going to do it many times it’s likely worth it.

If you have a budget you can contact me or post in #marketplace.


Its just a category with like 10 subcategories, i’ll do it manually but its soo boring to set all pictures and names one by one :smiley: Thanks!


Yup. That’s below the threshold. Even I would likely resort to doing it in the UX.


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