Cloned my DO discourse droplet, how to get clone to go to right domain?

I’ve tried searching for answers to this but to no avail.

The case:

  • I have a live environment at its a DO droplet with discourse installed
  • I want a duplicate environment for testing/staging, so I cloned the droplet
  • then went into the cloned droplet and changed in app.yml the new domain.
  • I updated my DNS so the cloned droplet points to the right domain.
  • I rebuilt app on the clone.

Now, the clone still goes to the live domain.

How do I get my clone to point to my testing domain?

thank you in advance for your help!

Make sure you’ve followed these steps on the cloned server


thank you for your fast response @fzngagan! I have done the steps in the tutorial (change domainname that discourse points to, rebuild app, and updated my DNS).

When I go to the new IP (of the cloned server), it still will go to the old (live) forum while that IP points to the new (test) forum. (the DNS hasn’t been resolved at this point so I use the ip adress.)

The IP is new so it hasn’t been assigned previously to one of my domains. :thinking:

discourse dont like IP addresses, you need to use a domain.

If you added the ip address in the app.yml instead of the domain, then it might have failed and still use the old value.

Once the new domain resolves, add it to the app.yml and rebuild.

it should would then


Thank you @IAmGav!

I put the domainname in app.yml, not the IP :slight_smile:

but I guess i’ll need to be patient until it resolves.

still, i find it odd that since I put the new domain in app.yml instead of the old one, the forum still goes to the old domain (even though I put the new ip address in the browser bar).

I will wait until the domain resolves and see what happens :slight_smile:

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