Closed groups can look up other closed group members - how to stop this?

Hi Support Group,
I have looked and searched but haven’t found anything on this type of problem I can’t solve. If you have a solution or can point in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated! :grinning: Let me know if you need more details.


I have two closed groups, Closed Group A and Closed Group B, and members are only part of one of those two groups.


Members' of the closed Group A can search, mention and see Member of the closed Group B and vise versa.


How do I stop each closed group from being able to search or mention each other.

Group Interaction Settings:

Am I missing something?

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If I’m following correctly, the issue is that you don’t want a member of Group A to be able to see that a member of Group B exists on the site at all?

I don’t think that’s possible. Group membership can be private, so a member of Group A can be prevented from seeing who is part of Group B… but you’ll always be able to see which users exist on the site even if you can’t see their group membership.

One thing that might help is setting Who can see this group? to Group owners. In that case normal group members wouldn’t even be able to see that they belong to any group at all.


The issue is if you type @ to mention someone a list pops up of all the members even if they aren’t in that group, plus if you type @ in the search icon all members even if not part of their group show up. I need this separation, otherwise I would have to create a second forum. The thing is Group A and B belong to the same organization but are from different sectors and some are in competing position so we have to have them separate.

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If you don’t want the members of group A To know that there are other members on the forum who are not in group A then your best option is to have two forums.

You might be able to mute the members of group A for members of group B, but there isn’t a good way to do that that I’m aware of. The solutions that I can think of are harder than having a second forum.


Thank you @awesomerobot and @pfaffman for helping me out!