Is it possible to totally hide members

Hi, I feel weird as i think was already answered but i did not find:

I would like to create some distinct groups that users can’t see,
and also to whom they could not write.

It is possible to hide the groups (Let’s say Group A to Group B, and vice & versa),

1/i can’t figure out how to parameter so that for instance: Anna from group A cannot write in PM to @Berta in group B.

Group A Group B
Anna Berta
Andy Bill

2/and also parameter so that the users in the user board can’t see each others if they are in certain groups (ie: group A & group B).

Thanks for any answer or for guiding me to the good conversation.

Hey @jbm, there’s no built-in way to restrict things such as user to user PMs based on group memberships. Have you considered turning PMs off entirely?

It sounds as though you’re attempting to partition Discourse down to behave as if it were multiple instances. If this is the case, why not use multisite?

Tks @Stephen ,
This confirms my first feeling. Too bad…

Tks for the multisite idea… seems quite an Everest to implement and maintain… but i will have a look at it…