Configure which groups see another group

Does anybody know if a plugin exists (or some other way of accomplishing this) that allows me to limit a group’s visibility to only members of a specific group?

For example:

  • Everyone
  • Logged on users
  • Group owners, members, and moderators
  • Group owners and moderators
  • Group owners
  • Members of specific group(s) [Input group name(s)] ← This option is what I want but does not currently exist.

Thanks for letting me know if there is a way to do this.



You want group A to be able to see who is in group B but not be able to see who is in group C?


Yes. In our particular use case we have the following primary user groups:

  • Non-paying users
  • Paying members

We also have user-driven secondary groups, for example:

  • Western Massachusetts regional members
  • Las Vegas members

We only want paying members to be able to browse and join the secondary groups, but right now that is not possible.

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Ah. Thanks for the use case.

There should be a CSS solution that would hide those groups from people not in the paid group (it might need to be their primary group). Someone clever could bypass the css, but it might be good enough for your purposes.

To really enforce it, you’d need a plugin.

But why do you need the groups? If what you want to do is keep people who are non-members from seeing topics in those categories, you could just have the pay group be what controls access to the categories.

We’re looking to create more Facebook-style groups (hate to compare it to that, sorry) where members of those groups effectively get their own sub-forum, chats, etc. So, folks will need to be able to request membership into specific groups in order to gain access to those areas. Full discussion on the topic below:

I understand there is core functionality coming on this at some point, and I’m hoping it is nice because if we can’t get this working in our community there is a good chance we’ll need to move to a different platform. The socialization/group aspect of our community is super important to our growth plans.

If you’re self-hosted, a plugin to allow access to groups only for those in a particular group shouldn’t be that difficult to create or commission. Maybe $1000-3000? Depending on features and specs that test that the plugin works as expected.