[closed] Migration script for NodeBB (MongoDB) to Discourse

What would you like done?

We have a NodeBB forum, hosted on their systems (using MongoDB).

We would like someone to migrate our existing users + content onto Discourse. Note that we use Auth0 as our identity manager on NodeBB.

There is an existing NodeBB to Discourse migration script, built for a Redis DB, see: @eatcodetravel
(original thread).

If this script is used, we expect some work will need to be done to adapt for MongoDB. If there are updates to the script, we are happy for them to be made open source.

When do you need it done?

End of January 2019, with some flexibility.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

We’d like to get a quote, happy to discuss.

Please respond to this post if you are interested. Thanks!


I’ll be to help with your migration. Please see https://www.literatecomputing.com/discourse-migration for information about how migrations work and a bit of additional information that I’ll need to give you a full quote. My contact info is in my profile here and on my site.


Hi Jay, thanks so much for getting back to me! I’ll have a look at the information you provided, and be in touch with you shortly.

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Hey @Apurva_Ashok,

I may be able to work on this, do you have a budget in mind for it?. I made the Redis importer in a way that allows creating a MongoDB adapter.

Besides implementing the importer, do you require something else? Like installing Discourse in a server for example.


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Hi Orlando, thanks for responding. Regarding budget, we’re not sure what the scale or extent of the work entailed, so happy to discuss this further and see what quote you’d estimate. I can provide a short brief with some basic details soon to help you determine the same. We’re a small non-profit organization, so would ideally like to keep things on the lower end, but are open to negotiate.

We plan to use Discourse hosting, so don’t require much else besides implementing the importer & preserving user login via Auth0. As I mentioned earlier, we’d like any additions to your script to be open source, if possible, so others can also benefit.

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We are going ahead with Discourse’s services for the migration, but keen to collaborate with other members on future projects. :slight_smile:

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