Something strange with topics bumping on Meta


I noticed now 3 times on topic list the topics are just bumping to top seems to without any reason. The first one I noticed was Jay’s topic yesterday More descriptive warning when recategorising a topic into a category with moderator approval

And now Team Badges on post container this one.
It seems to last activity was few mins ago but it’t actually was 3 days ago and nothing changed inside the topic. No pencil’s on posts etc…

Now this topic also bumped up Moving from Tribe to Discourse without any reason. Seems the latest activity was minutes ago but it’t actually was 3 days ago.

Sorry if I missed something…but why these topics bumped up? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Any change to metadata will do this, e.g. Tagging, Title or Category … could it be that?

(I find this a little bit annoying on one of my sites as I constantly update Tags and find the bumping undesirable - i’m just trying to re-categorise history).


Yeah but there is no changes on OP. If tag, category or title changes than it would appear the pencil to view changes :thinking:


It’s from where a spam post has been deleted, but the topic hasn’t had a ‘reset bump date’ to pop it back where it belongs :+1:


Oh I see. Thanks @JammyDodger :slightly_smiling_face: