Cloud hosting goes into read-only mode twice in two days

Our new open source community here: has now gone into read only mode twice in two days. Yesterday it was for about an hour, and now it has back in read only mode for the last hour and still going. Since we only really got the site up three days ago, we are a bit concerned.

Is this a problem with the cloud hosted discourse environment that everyone has, or it is particular to us? Here in +1000 the planned maintenance is right in the middle of the day. Today there is a 30 minute outage mentioned here: but yesterday there was no such notice. Is this an ongoing daily maintenance period which we should expect every day?

We just sent out 500 invites to the forum, so its come at a bad time.

The site went back to normal mode after about an hour, stayed that way for 30 minutes and is now back to read-only. We are 90 minutes after the end of the maintenance window. Is this a common length of outage for every upgrade?

Hi Ari,

We’re in the process of database maintenance across all hosted sites. This is something that happens every two years or so. Unfortunately it is hard to predict just how long the maintenance will take, and timing it to be convenient for all timezones is impossible. Apologies for this landing at an inconvenient time.

You should see your site come out of readonly shortly.

Thanks, Michael