Time After Free Trial Expires

How much time do you have after the 14 days of the free trial are over? Me and an admin are trying to install Discourse on a server but I don’t have 30 minutes (or $150) and he has to go for a few days. We are really panicked because we heard that the forum becomes read-only today.

May be a month at read-only before site is decommissioned, you need to contact support team directly to be sure.

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Did you find out a definite answer for this?

With hosted site once that goes to read-only can be only two weeks before site is closed, but that only happens if you’re already a whole month late on a payment.

With trial may be different, they can extend those if that is your first trial, but they may be closed sooner than an official site.

I think your technicality thing may be true, but that’s a good thing because me and that admin are still trying to figure out the whole uploading-Discourse situation.

What are your other questions?

You could start new topics for those since this one has been solved will be automatically closed in a month.

I don’t have any, other than a note I probably won’t include because it’s context-specific and not related to this topic.

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