Cloudflare preventing plugin connection

Hi there!

I’ve been struggling to get the plugin to connect to my Discourse - though all the API information was correct, the plugin couldn’t find my forum. On a wild guess I removed my reverse proxy through Cloudflare, and now it’s working perfectly. Is there a certain Cloudflare setting that interferes with how this plugin works? I’m completely stumped. Not using Cloudflare isn’t an option for me.

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Turn off the rocket loader.

There are dozens of topics about problems with cloudflare that you can read.

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Rocket loader modifies the Javascript while the plugin will connect to the API … so I doubt that this has anything to do with rocket loader?


I defer to @michaeld pretty much always. This time I even understand what he’s saying.

It’s not the Rocket Loader, as it just breaks Javascript. It’s something else.

It looks like it. There are dozens of topics where people describe problems and a very few where people say that it’s “easy.”


Yeah, I have gone through a few posts I found on here on this same problem and none of them have so far fixed it - looked into TLS settings, ect. And Rocket Loader definitely isn’t the culprit, I haven’t ever had it on. Never felt the need to turn it on.

I’ll keep trying and will report back if I find the solution in my case. It’s a shame they don’t play nice together very easily.

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Make the little cloud next to the DNS entry gray instead of orange.


Unless you have reason to believe your site will be the victim of a massive DDoS, you don’t need Cloudflare.


I run a political forum, unfortunately. Or, more accurately, some of the work I do invites the nastier side of the Internet. It’s common for people who do what I do to get DDoS’d, doxxed, ect. It’s why I like the way Discourse works and I’m not taking chances on security.


Be sure you enable the cloudflare template in app.yml if using it is a requirement.

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Bear in mind Cloudflare only protects one path to your server. If the origin IP is found you’re still wide open.