Please how do I add Cloudflare app to my discourse forum home page?

I am using digital ocean and recently connected my site to cloudflare, but I can see the share icon in my discourse forum except in my error page

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Sorry, may I ask you for a more detailed explanation? I don’t understand :hugs:

Don’t use Cloudflare with Discourse, for the most part. Turn off the proxying by setting the forum domain to the “grey cloud” in your DNS controls.


Maybe you can try BunnyCDN. It’s a good and cheaper one.

You can stay in Cloudflare to use DDOS protection and use a subdomain pointed to Bunny. It works and you keep Discourse away from some Cloudflare settings that could break your forum.

I currently used cloudflare to protect my website, but if when I installed the cloudflare app from there dashboard it doesn’t show up in my forum.

Except error page

This is the screenshot

Cloudflare breaks Discourse.

If you need to use Cloudflare, please search meta for instructions on how to disable portions of it for your site: