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hi ! is there any way to mark a post with more than one author ? In blog-style Discourses might happen that one post/topic is written by several people.

Thanks !

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Currently, no. The original poster is the only one who appears as author. However, if you make your post a wiki, then another user with wiki editing abilities will be able to edit it as well.


@Thomas_G thanks for the quick answer, however, I don’t think this fits to the use case I had in mind. We are thinking to migrate our blog inside discourse, and authorship can be a problem for us.

A related question I have is if it’s also possible to post a topic as a group user. That would be great for admins of a group to make announcements or for instance create collective messages.

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While Discourse offers some publishing features, we’re not a blog software. If you need specific blog tools, maybe have a look at Ghost? You can always embed a Discourse discussion on a blog if that’s what you’re after.


This is splendid, I didn’t know about this feature to embed the discussions in an external blog post - that could be an option for us. I’ve seen in @codinghorror blog that the whole blog post is created as topic, am I right ?

We have a blog hosted in GitHub pages to promote open reviews and code reproducibility. We use Jekyll under the hood and if we could synchronize the discussion somehow with the forum that would be amazing.

Please, share any good resource so that I can check it out. I leave here the link to the prototype of our blog and forum. Feedback is welcomed too :slight_smile:


You can use Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript to sync the blog with Discourse. It works just fine with Jekyll.


@Falco thanks for the suggestion - we’ll take a look at it !

We have a similar problem. Mentioning the authors in a staff notice is the closest solution I’ve found:


That is a very clever workaround with the staff notice on the post! :beers:

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