Code Fund Ad Customization?

Hi everyone,

I’d like to modify this type of ad:

Basically, I’d like to change the “Want these ads? Use the official Ad Plugin” to write my own text, and link to a URL of my choice. Can anyone provide guidance? Thanks!

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You can check out the link to this plugin in the plugin category at Official Advertising / Ad Plugin for Discourse.

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But the ad type I’ve pointed out is a Code Fund ad. How do we modify those? I don’t have a code fund account.

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I think you are looking for this:


Thanks for the link, but that discussion doesn’t share how I can modify the Code Fund ad. I don’t want a banner, I want that little blue box with the word “Ad” in it, followed by text I can modify to my liking. Is this doable?

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First step is to get a CodeFund account.

That text is configured in our CodeFund account. It’s the fallback ad when there’s no paid ad to show. (Discussion here.)


Hi @Joshua_Kogan, please let me know if I can help out. I am one of the partners with CodeFund.


Thank you. Does Code Fund allow anyone to create an account? My discourse focus on humanitarian aid and engineering. I don’t expect the CF advertisers to make sense in my community, but I would like the CF advertising style in my discourse, just with my own text near the “ad” image. Please advise.

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CodeFund really is focused on software developer websites and forums. Even though your discourse is valuable, I do not believe it would fit with our advertiser pool unfortunately.


I think what you want is House Ads in the official Ad Plugin.