Generate funding through CodeFund - now integrated into the discourse-adplugin

When you install or update the discourse-adplugin, you will see a new advertising option.

CodeFund (formerly Code Sponsor) is an ethical advertising platform for the developer community. What does this mean?

  • Relevant, unobtrusive ads
  • No cookies
  • No remarketing
  • No profiling
  • 100% open source

We have always been huge fans of Discourse and recognize that their communities are often developer-based. We invite all developer-based installs of Discourse to sign up for CodeFund and try this plugin out. Together we can continue to help open source thrive.

You can register your Discourse community here:


That sounds really interesting, I’ll definitely take a look at their site.

In the mean time, I’m using AdSense only, but the plugin is still making requests to the codefund website. Here’s what I see in my console:

Can you please investigate? Thanks!

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Thank you for sharing this. I submitted a PR for the fix (/cc @neil)


This is now resolved. Thanks again for letting us know @bartv!

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Thanks a bunch Eric & co. at CodeFund! I really hope to see this plugin enabled on a multitude of OSS forums!


I’m inputting my property id (168), but it sais:

codefund_property_id: Value doesn’t match the required format.

What am I doing wrong?


Property ID looks like a UUID using hexa symbols:


Yeah, I’ve already checked the file
However, the property ID we got is just an integer

We migrated it to use integers. I will submit a PR to this plugin.


@barreeeiroo, I have submitted a PR to the project:


@coderberry I have just updated the plugin
However, I don’t think ads are working properly:

As you can see, there’s a big blank space there

Hi Diego,

We are working on a fix for this which will be released next week.




Thank you so much :+1:

@barreeeiroo We submitted a PR that should solve these issues:


Perfect, I’ll update it as soon as possible :+1:

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@coderberry We’ve been showing CodeFund ads here on meta for a day now, but they always show ads for CodeFund.

Will we start seeing other ads soon?

Also the instructions in the ad plugin README don’t match what I’m seeing in the CodeFund instructions. I don’t have a long hex number like the example. Mine is only 3 digits, so I entered that into the “codefund property id” field.


Hi @neil, I’m excited you added it to meta! I have set the property to active. All traffic should be generating revenue for you.

We will update the bad instructions on the README. You used the correct ID.

Please reach out to me anytime


How do you earn money from CodeFund? Pay per click? Pay per view/1000 views?

Hi @nexo, the money is earned via eCPM. Every impression will earn the publisher some funds.

We are open source. Please feel free to dig into the code. The parts where we determine the % of earnings is handled here.

We pay out monthly with a $20 minimum amount. Each month the funds roll over.


I keep getting this ad over and over again:

If I reload 10 out of 10 times I get this ad.

I am in Australia. Is there anything we can do to get a bit less blockchain and a bit more ad diversity here?