Collapse deleted posts

Currently when a post is deleted it is only soft-deleted and admins/mods can still see it. This is a nice functionality which I very much like, however what I like less is that these posts still take up as much space as they did before and they get “highlighted” on top of that. This seems odd to me, deleted posts should be made less visible (to those who can still see them), not more. It’d make sense if it showed a very short notice saying “Post deleted by xxx” or something along those lines, then when you click on that expand it to show the original post.


How frequently are you noticing posts being deleted.

From my experience this is a very extreme edge case, and for those cases mods really should be aware.

In this case I’m talking about posts I myself deleted. I understand your use-case though, but couldn’t this still be achieved without showing the full post? Eg. only show a highlighted ruler of sorts.

Here’s a quick and dirty mockup of what I’m suggesting:
I’d probably show some more relevant information (first line of post, avatar?) but you get the idea.

How about this instead? Code reuse for the win. (To see the base I used for this, click @Naatan’s avatar and click “Show <n> posts in topic”)

.gap.deleted {
   background-color: $warning_background_color;

Yeah that works too. My mockup was just to convey the idea, it wasn’t an actual suggestion for the design.

Possibly, I would prefer a semi collapse here as well. It is particularly bad on topics that get spammed a lot and cleaned up.

So any chance of getting something implemented here? It’s still throwing me off every time I see deleted posts.


Not on the roadmap at the moment. PRs welcome as always.

Deleted posts are now collapsed by default in latest:


Very nice! Thanks @riking