Deleted posts will now be collapsed by default

Hey everyone - this topic is an announcement for a feature that just hit master. Also, this only applies to forum admins/staff - if you aren’t staff, you won’t notice any of this.

Once you update the next time, you should start noticing “1 post hidden” showing up on some topics, and clicking it will expand a deleted post. This is because deleted posts will now be collapsed by default.

Also, there will be a “Unhide Deleted Posts” button at the start of the topic, which will effectively expand all of the deleted posts at once.

Screenshot example here on Meta:

(Note that many forums that have gone offline were deleted from that topic.)

Additionally, to further assist in reviewing a thread after the fact, if you filter a topic to a single user’s posts, the deleted posts filter will be disabled (i.e. the user’s deleted posts are shown). You can also share a link to a topic with the deleted posts expanded with your fellow admins by adding ?show_deleted=1 to the URL.

I’m sure that this will be a welcome change for many.

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Much better, easier to read. Thank you!

so much betterer than what it used to be