Collapse multiple badge notifications into one

The meta category in a forum I am in was made open to everyone after initially only being accessible to TL1+. I frequent that category, meta discussion is interesting to me. My posts have gotten a good amount of likes, just enough to earn badges if it were public before.


And I have more notifications for badges than that. Earning the same badge several times notification should be collapsed into a single one and say Earned '{badge_name}' (xN) where N is the amount of times that badge was earned.

I’ve given feedback to that forum through the meta category to disable earning badges before making another category public, or silently award the badge, but merging duplicate notifications into 1 should be the ux anyway.


We do collapse likes in this manner but not badges.

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That’s alot of badges! Is it possible that an admin on that site lowered the number of likes required to be awarded those badges, so it is awarding them more often?

Oh, I see. The category was just made public, resulting in you being awarded for many at once. That sounds to me like a rare fluke occurrence that does not need a systematic response.