Collective Answers

I am new to discourse and setting it up to be used as a school discussion board. I would like that once a question is asked, there is a section where students can collaborate on solutions.
Something like in the picture below


I would like any suggestions on how to approach this.

Thank you


Then a blank answer post, change to Wiki.

Students can edit the Wiki to modify the answer.

They can also post comments.

When solved, use the solved plugin to mark the Wiki as the solution to the question.


Do you think this could be automated?

Probably not without a specialized plugin


I believe that you can configure a category to automatically make the first post a wiki.

Probably needs the SECOND post to be a Wiki…

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I don’t think it’s be that bad if the first post contained the question and the answer.

There’s been discussion about making second post a wiki. Not a bad idea.


Thanks everyone. I think I will go with the plugin approach