Collude - a collaborative text editor for Discourse

Last year there was some instability in the edits, meaning that one editor would lose other editors’ edits and there was nobody to debug the problem, and since then the Discourse plugin API moved on a bit, so the plugin was abandoned. Maybe @gdpelican has some more information and maybe the will to make a second take to this awesome idea. Having a realtime, multi-editor wiki-like embedded pad would still be great.

See here:

March 8th 2020:

March 9th 2020:


It would certainly be brilliant for our medical forums, where we need to collaboratively develop national guidelines and the like - and Google Docs are blocked by many health organisations so we can’t use that.

It would have been awesome to have that up and bedded in at the start of the COVID-19 madness; it would be a real draw.


We have a fork @tshenry has been testing that @mbcahyono has been working on.

We are pretty close to having it become the new collude and to possibly make this officially supported on our enterprise tier. It is a rather complex problem and it takes a lot of testing to feel confident about this plugin.


Another option you can use to tide you over that I’ve been using personally is - it even produces Markdown at the end, so you can copy it straight to Discourse :grin:


That looks really cool - thank you. It is a bit too geek focussed for my less IT savvy crew I think; I’ll certainly wait with baited breath for this plugin. Would be just awesome doing this natively in Discourse.


Actually Librehosters forked the to support CodiMD (the “community fork” of HackMD) – which is being renamed again…

It’s very simple to use and you can fork librehosters / embed-codimd · GitLab for your own setup. It would be useful to have a setting for the pad host instead, but it’s more work. Librehosters use SAML SSO between CodiMD and Discourse, so only members can edit the pads.


Reading the plugin.rb, this feels extremely simple - couldn’t you have accomplished that with an entry in allowed iframes + a generator somewhere or oEmbed tags?


Honestly I don’t know and did not try. If you find a way to avoid a plugin for this, go ahead and share it! :slight_smile:

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That said @riking you got me thinking. How would you go on and create “a generator somewhere”?

I think it’s overkill to reinstall a specific onebox plugin for this and that site. Instead it should be doable to use theme components that do not require rebuilding the container. Did anyone work on a (generic) onebox theme component already?

The best option would of course that upstream fix their oEmbed tags in a compatible way so we simply can paste the link.

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It would be awesome to use Codi similarly to how you the current Jitsi component works, which is both easy to install and setup for a specific jitsi server.

Something like this, generating <iframe> code that Discourse will accept now that you’ve allowed it in the site settings:


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Thank you @riking, but I guess I know the HTML part: that’s going from the URL to the HTML in JavaScript that I’m not sure how to deal with. I’ve been looking at some plugins, it may work, but a canonical example would be useful, or a pointer to something that does it correctly using Discourse best practice.

We should start a dedicated, linked topic for embed-codimd! Cool to see it emerge like a phoenix.


Sam, have you got an update for us on this by any chance?

I rewrote it, but I am still testing it, probably ready to release it in 4-8 weeks


I know that I am horribly impatient, but it has been 5 weeks… Any joy?

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You can install it if you wish it lives at:

But it still is a few more weeks before I post about this on meta.


Closing this see :arrow_double_up:

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