Colocating servers in Europe, recommendations?

We’re looking at building a set of european colocated servers for 2018, and I wonder if anyone has any advice on that. Here are our requirements:

  • Full locked rack rental (42u) at a secured datacenter
  • Bandwidth cost?
  • Power cost?
  • Contracting with a reliable EU company to buy and build the SuperMicro hardware we prefer, and ship to the datacenter
  • Contracting with a reliable local company, near the datacenter, to install the hardware and maintain it

I did look at Hetzner colocation and the pricing seems fine for the racks themselves, but I am unclear how I can

  1. Buy the supermicro hardware in Europe, have it built up to our specs (it’s all commonly available hardware, nothing custom or unusual), then delivered to the datacenter.
  2. Have a reliable local company rack and wire the hardware at the datacenter.
  3. Have “remote hands” as needed if anything needs replacement or fixing or tweaking.

Also, it’s possible we could use an individual to do the racking and installation, if the supermicro servers are built to our specifications. But I worry about relying on a single person versus an organization over time.


I’ve heard good things about Accelerated. I’m not 100% sure if they provide “remote hands”, but it looks like provides those services and they use the datacenter of Accelerated in Frankfurt.


I’ve heard good things about

There’s also OVH (in :fr:)



We recommend Stackscale in Madrid or Amsterdam Datacenter. Stackscale can offer infrastructure (colo), bare-metal or private cloud solutions.

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Hi Jeff,

Just to clarify because you won’t find this specific information in our website. Stackscale is targeted to medium and large consumers of computing, storage and network resources. For large projects we can build ad-hoc solutions beyond our standard service portfolio, and this includes custom build servers of the brand of your choice (though we’ll always give you recommendations based on our experience) and even operating in other datacenters outside our current network (we can easily operate in other datacenters in the MAD and more importantly the AMS area, and LON and FRA are also feasible). Just drop me a PM or contact sales to let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to send you a proposal (all included: colo, hardware, hw maintenance, power, bandwidth, 24x7 support, etc.)


I asked an old friend in berlin, and he recommended where he has been hosting for the last 10 years.

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There are also these 3 :slight_smile:

All are in Germany.