Color changes can't be previewed?

So I tried doing that, however, whenever I would try to preview the CSS it wouldn’t force the color changes, just the CSS changes. Anyway to preview off a color change? Or a simpler way to do it in CSS as there isn’t a preview generated based off color changes that I can find.

Where I can preview off one of these to generate the preview links:

Or does it have to be the CSS/HTML only?

For example, I’m trying to offer a dark theme similar to this one but the colors don’t override the default theme when I use the CSS changes only.

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Apparently not - it only appears to be available under CSS/HTML.

Just a guess, but only one CSS/HTML should be enabled at once - (unless it’s been addressed) having two or more selected at the same time isn’t supported; i.e. you should have only one (*) in the list:

I thought @sam fixed that recently?

I run multiple CSS/HTML items at the same time, one with theme, another with ads, another with fixes for known bugs, another that adds menu items. Works for me.

So allowing the user to select would mean configuring it to merge multiple CSS/HTML items into a single ID / GUID, where currently the ID is a single GUID for a single CSS/HTML item.

its been addressed and works fine, you can not preview a group of customisation yet though.

Would ?preview-style=uuid1&preview-style=uuid2… be a possibility?

would require some internal redesign, but probably


Per my most recent theme design, color scheme changes can be previewed.

To do so:

  • Apply the color scheme to a theme

  • Preview the theme

  • Edit color scheme in another window, colors will update live.