Unable To Change Theme


When I go into Preferences > Interface and select a different theme which uses its own colour palette, the styling of the theme looks completely broken:

This only occurs on my own (admin) account.

I have created a second test user where the theme worked with no problems, and another user is also able to use the theme too. It seems that something relating to my account is overriding the colour palette.

I’ve tried reinstalling the theme from scratch, and have also tested on multiple different devices to make sure it isn’t related to my browser or machine.

Does anyone know what could cause this problem, and if there is a solution?

Thanks in advance

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Is the problem with switching themes still happening for your user? If it is, does doing a hard refresh on the browser window fix the problem?

Color schemes and CSS files should be correctly loaded when you switch themes from your preferences page. If the problem is happening on a site that we host, you can contact us via the support email address that’s shown on your site’s admin dashboard to get private support for the issue.

I think my forum experienced this too.

It caused some confusion on with multiple users, whereby a colour scheme selected for one theme was seemingly altering colour scheme of other themes. This meant when they were changing theme, they saw no difference. (At least on 2.6 beta 2 ).

For users this was resolved by simply selecting default colour scheme. Thereby making colour scheme the default one for all themes. To avoid future issues I removed colour schemes as being a selectable option, and simply had multiple themes.

This may have been resolved in latest release, but not sure.