Color scheme outputs unexpected colors

Today we manually entered a color scheme in a forum, all the colors at once (well, we only changed tertiary, quaternary, success and love) and then a lot of text in the admin interface (like site settings descriptions .admin-customize .colors .description) turned a weird blue color.
We removed the scheme and entered the colors one by one, hitting Save in between. And the descriptions stayed grey…

Can someone elaborate how this works? (and I think there might be a few bugs or nondeterministic/non-idempotent things there)

Admin panel isn’t a good gauge of how a theme looks. From my experience, it retains whatever CSS you had while navigating to it, but drops any custom header/footer. If you’re hitting the admin panel directly, it doesn’t load any new CSS, nor does it auto-load on any changes. The results are sometimes not the prettiest, but it allows a functional admin panel to be accessible even with a broken theme, which is the important part.


I know. But we started investigating this and it turned out the text was in a color that wasn’t even in the color scheme, and that made me wonder how these colors are determined.

It did. Yes, that was new for me too. Usually one can hit F5 once you’re in /admin and then you get rid of all the weirdness, but this time we got a very light blue and we couldn’t get rid of it until we removed the color scheme.