Coloured category boxes on Oops-page (404)

We all hope that this page is rarely needed, but when it is displayed, I noticed that the colourful category boxes are shown after each topic title under “Popular” and “Recent” and that means that the box sometimes ends up on a line by itself making the visual impression a bit confusing:

Suggestion: Put those little boxes before each title instead of after.

And while I’m at it: My impression/guess is that the page is often displayed when people access closed categories on a new device (e.g. via email link). To less tech-savvy users, this can be confusing, especially when they are not used to thinking about logging in (thanks to the long default login time). So I changed the copy for the message on that 404 page to

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private. Are you logged in?

Maybe that would be something to consider as the default copy?

Just a suggestion.


Oh! An explicit “you know, if you logged in, you might be able to read that page” message might help.

I got an email today saying that a link I sent was broken because the person wasn’t logged in, and for whatever reason, logging in wasn’t an obvious solution.


You mean even my “Are you logged in?” is not enough?

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Oops. Yeah, maybe just liking your post is what I should have done!

Apparently, I don’t read either.


But it’s good to know you came up with the same idea regardless.

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Hmm no this is a bug the category names are no longer showing up here @techapj probably a casualty of recent UI theming refactoring?

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Oh, I see. But even with the category names, it looks confusing to have them on a line by themselves. Maybe somewhat increase the space after each topic?

This was regressed 17 days ago in this commit:

Fixed via –


This fix don’t works for Dark Theme. Instead of #222222 maybe you can use the $primary color


You can find a little restyling of this page here


Should be fixed via:


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