Some topic category boxes are missing

This is really strange. For two topics, and only two topics, no category box appears next to the topic title on the main page of my site. The first one should be in Communication Team and the second one in Announcements.

The category boxes also don’t appear for those topics (and only those topics) when they’re viewed on their own. Note the lack of a box under the title.

Even more weirdly, the second one does appear properly—both in the topic list and when opened directly—when the site is viewed as a not-logged-in user.

The site is here:

Obviously, this is only cosmetic, and I doubt most people will notice, but it seems wrong.

This is in 2.6.0.beta6.

I can see the category box on the second topic.

I can’t see the first topic at all. Is it in a restricted category?

Does the issue occur if you try safe-mode?


I have seen this bug happen when the topic in in a child category and the parent category is more restrictive than the child. We took precautions against this but the site may have done this before it.


Yes, it was. I was intrigued that the problem affected both public and private categories.

Good to know, but at least the Announcements category is top-level and in no way restricted, so I don’t think that was it.

However, the problem has now disappeared for those specific posts in exactly the same conditions as yesterday with no changes on my end that I’m aware of.

So, chalk it up to cosmic rays flipping bits for now, and I’ll keep an eye on it.