Combining multiple advanced search filters

Hi there, in my large imported forum it would be extremely helpful to be able combine multiple search filters to help users pick up on activity in older threads that they participated in on the old forum such as in:posted in:unseen or in:watching in:tracking .

Also, the in:posted query is helpful for generating a list of all the topics that a user created and/or posted in, but the “Sort by: Latest Post” doesn’t behave as I would expect. It orders the results by the latest post that the user posted. While that could be useful too, it would generally be more useful to have it sorted by latest activity from any user that posted, basically recreating a sort of personal /latest topics list sorted by the most recent post but only containing topics that the user participated in.


This (kinda) works already.
If you type in the search box:
status:noreplies after:2023-01-01

You will get all non-answered topics since 1 Jan '23.

I also played with advanced search UI and if you select 2-3 search criteria they will be added in the order in the search box.

As for the list of all advanced search filters, i am looking after the complete list myself…might post it here when it grows

Hmm, only the checkboxes can be selected together. The options from this menu are mutually exclusive:
Screenshot from 2023-03-08 22-33-26

That is correct, BUT when you are constructing a complex search query you need to combine together different search criteria:
which category AND what status AND from which date etc

Some of the dropdown boxes on the advanced search UI allow you to select multiple values (for example categories) but for others, as you have noticed, the values are mutually exclusive so it makes sense you can select only one: